New Agenda-driven meeting format

by | Jun 7, 2019 | New Features | 0 comments

Subscribers to Lean Coffee Table will be the first to try our new agenda-based meeting boards, for free.

Many of our global customers have asked for alternative meeting formats for their distributed teams. These new structured meetings will be highly interactive and visually simple, building on our Lean Coffee Table experience.

Online meetings are an increasingly important part of our time at work and yet they often fail to deliver the benefits they could.  Mainly due to a dull, traditional approach and the limited tools.

Our vision is to change that by maximising the engagement and creative contribution of all participants.

We will do this using real-time interactivity, enable multiple-contributions whilst maintain a clear focus with a simple and pleasing layout.

The new product is called Konveno and will be free for our LCT subscribers, for a limited period and we would love to hear your feedback and suggestions.

In the future we will offer Konveno as an optional upgrade to your LCT subscription.


The benefits of a Konveno meeting

  • Engage attendees with a genuinely co-created meeting, rather than one that is facilitator driven.
    • Simple design maintains a clear focus, with real-time contributions and innovative ways to gauge levels of interest
  • Maximise contributions by:
    • Helping attendees co-create the most engaging agenda by adding notes ahead of the meeting
    • Gather contributions from attendees during the meeting, as they post links to articles or images to be included in the .pdf
    • Attendees can write contributions, which were not possible within the agenda time limit.
  • Make it easier for the facilitator
    • Create the minutes and actions in real-time, visible to everyone and then distribute a .pdf of the meeting moments after it finishes.
    • Manage time better with simple time and progress feedback.
    • Copy an earlier agenda for those regular meetings
    • Gauge levels of interest and engagement of attendees with the real-time ‘topic  thermometer’


Note: not all these features will be available on the first day.  We are most interested in getting your feedback on the early iterations and so are adopting the principles of an MVP (minimal viable product) to validate our assumptions and to learn as quickly as possible. Luckily, we have 1000s of users like you who will help us to do this.