Coffee Clubs

Coffee Clubs

What is a Coffee Club?

Lean Coffee Table depending on the subscription you have chosen enables you to add users to what we call a Coffee Club. Users added to a coffee club become facilitators and are able to run their own Lean Coffee Table sessions or you can invite them to an existing board in your coffee club and they can facilitate those boards. Only the Coffee Club owner (the person who pays for the subscription) can add users to a Coffee Club.

How to add a user to a Coffee Club

  1. Log into Lean Coffee Table as the Coffee Club owner (the person who pays for the subscription)
  2. Once logged in click on the Admin button in the top right hand corner of the screen.
  3. On the Admin page scroll down to “Manage ‘Coffee Club’ Facilitators and click on it
  4. In the dialogue that appears you can now add someone to your Coffee Club. If the user does not have a Lean Coffee Table account, the site will ask you if you would like to send them an invite. When the user signs up they will then be given Facilitator access.

Things to note

You can only add a user to a Coffee Club once. After you have removed the user from a Coffee Club you will not be able to add them back in again.

You can now remove votes from  topic cards

You can now remove votes from topic cards


Many of you asked for the ability to remove votes from a topic, and we have finally delivered!

In addition to being able to remove votes from a topic, we’ve made the ability to add and remove votes a lot easier with buttons below the topic card. You can also clearly see which topics you have voted on with the Remove Vote button only being enabled once you have voted on a topic. Larger circles represent your vote, while smaller circles on the topic represent the votes of others.

We’d love to know what you think. Enjoy!

Remove a vote

Fresh brews

Fresh brews

New Features

We have recently added these features to Lean Coffee Table:

Save a Session Summary

Add/Export Actions

Multiple Facilitators


Which new features do you want to see?

Save a session summary

  • You can now save a permanent record of your Lean Coffee Session in .pdf format
  • At the end of the session the facilitator can write a brief overview before pushing the ‘Create Session’ button.
  • The Session summary includes
    • A list of all the topics that were suggested, the person who suggested them and the votes received
    • Which topics were discussed
    • Actions recorded against each topic
    • The people who attended the session

 This video summarises the new Save Session functionality



Add and Export Actions

  • Enables the facilitator to add action to the topic in the discussing column.
  • More than one action can be added to the topic.  Actions can be reviewed and deleted.
  • At the end of the session the facilitator can export the actions as a .csv file, to be opened in Excel

This video shows the new Actions functionality

Multiple Facilitators

  • Each board can have more than one facilitator.
  • Each facilitator needs to have been previously named within your ‘Coffee Club’ when you upgraded your subscription to ‘Espresso’ or above.

Brewing a better Lean Coffee Table

Brewing a better Lean Coffee Table

After two years of providing Lean Coffee for free, we’ve decided we need to take it to the next level in order to continue to meet our users’ needs and ambitions for this effective way to stimulate conversations and surface insights within organisations.

We have some great global clients as well as small ad-hoc teams and we appreciate you all, for your positive feedback and suggested enhancements.

In order to fund this development, we have decided that we need to charge something for LCT.  There will always be a free (advert supported) version of LCT. However, you will now have the option to add enhanced features to your subscription.

We have a list of new functionality that we will be adding to LCT in the weeks ahead and we want you to help us prioritise our backlog below, where you can vote for your favoured features and add any that we not have thought of yet.

Ideas for you to help us prioritise

Multiple facilitators per board

  • The facilitator can nominate someone else to facilitate the session on a specific board.

Save a session summary

  • Enables the facilitator to download a summary of a session, probably as a .pdf, that includes; all the topics discussed, who was at the session, the actions and a session overview written by the facilitator.

Export actions

De-duplicate topics in the ‘To discuss’ column

  • Enable facilitator to combine 2 or more topics into one new topic – and keep links to the predecessor topics.

Pre-prepared topics

  • Ability to create an existing list of topics that can be used to pre-populate a new session.

Duplicate a board

  • Create a new board based on an existing board

Customise to your corporate colours and logo

  • This can help LCT sit more naturally within your corporate identity. Here are some examples


Internally hosted Lean Coffee

Internally hosted Lean Coffee

We are pleased to offer you an internally hosted version of Lean Coffee Table, with more functionality and customised to your company.


This offers several advantages to your users:

Single sign-on direct access

LCT uses your company’s existing authentication process to manage access to the application. See below for technical details.

Customised look and feel. 

Using your logo and colours makes LCT more familiar and seamlessly integrated into your way of working. See examples below.

Future functionality. 

Our backlog of enhancements include:

  • Ability to add comments / actions to a topic that is in the ‘Discussing’ column.
  • Create a record of the session.
  • Including all the topics discussed, comments and actions. Together with an overall summary of the session and the attendees.
  • Multiple facilitators for a board.
  • Export of cards to JIRA, TFS or Trello
  • Session changes
  • User can change a vote to another card
  • Facilitator can change numbers of votes allowed
  • Add photos to user profiles
  • Email reminders and links to stored session records.


As a paying customer you would get to influence the scope and priority of this new functionality.


Technical considerations

An internally hosted version of LCT connects to two of the existing Xcx systems.

  1. Email: LCT will send emails to invitees through your email infrastructure.
  2. Security / single sign-on: LCT supports SAML and ‘WS Federated’ authentication so you can use the existing Xcx active directory to authenticate users.
    1. External users, who are not in your active directory, can be registered within LCT and do not need to be added to the Xcx directory
    2. Depending on your security policy we could also support other kinds of authentication e.g. Google or Facebook
  3. We are happy to consider other internal environments, like Linux.


Discuss hosting options with us – click here


Customised user interface

These are examples of the customised look of an Internally hosted Lean Coffee Table