Continually percolating

Continually percolating

Continually percolating

Lean Coffee table was first conceptualised by Bazil Arden a couple of years ago. He had been using the format for about a year before he started having conversations with Rory Street about potentially making an app. The conversations started becoming a little more serious when we started to use Lean Coffee in our own internal meetings. With everyone being all over the country and only the usual collaboration tools to use, which we thought were lacking.

Rory started to have a think about how we could build this and then one day Rory suddenly popped up with an app, and we loved it! That was the first beta version of Lean Coffee table. We loved it so much, we wanted to share it with the community. Today we have just over 6000 users and as I type we have people logged in all over the UK and the United States. On a great day, we have people all over the world logged on.

Our little tool has pretty much remained unchanged until July this year when we decided that now was the time for a facelift and some new functionality. We are keen at Ripplerock to reward our loyal customers, get rid of some small defects and make a few of the most requested changes to enhance your enjoyment of it.

This is very exciting for us as it’s a tool we use ourselves and we can see how popular it is. The time was right to give it that extra oomph!

If you have not the chance to check out our earlier blog about the new user interface, I recommend that you do. We think its looking awesome! But we want your feedback also. Take a look.

In the meantime, here is a list of some of the changes we have been making. We will keep you posted as we release new ones.

• New – We are now a secure website
• New – Upgraded our email server
• New – The ability to move the facilitator to another person in the meeting
• Fix – Text will now fit into cards
• Fix – Clicking the logo will no longer take you to a blank page
• Fix – Improved reset password wordings
• Fix – Limit the board length
• Fix – You can now see the ‘About’ page on all screens
• Fix – Changed User name to email address on registration page
• Fix – Board can no longer to changed after you log off
• Fix – Votes are persisted when opening and closing the Brower on the same board
• Fix – The remember me function now works (yay!)

As always, we are keen for feedback and suggestions. You can contact us here with new awesome ideas.

Keep that coffee flowing!

Continually percolating

We have exciting news!

We have exciting news!

The Lean Coffee Table is due for a make over and we want to give you a peek at what this will look like. As a team we are busy making these changes, but it’s never too late for feedback. If you think things can be improved or have new great ideas, then please get in touch with the Lean Coffee Support Team. Keep an eye out over the next couple of weeks as we roll out the new designs.

New design & functionality

The Lean Coffee Table platform has been redesigned to promote an intuitive and user-friendly driven experience

Intuitive board creation tools

When creating new boards, you’re now given significantly better facilitation tools

Modernised board layout

The new boards promote a clean feeling, allowing you to focus on your discussions, without distraction

‘End’ or ‘Extend’ voting poll

After the time is us, group members are given 5 seconds to vote on whether to ‘extend’ or ‘end’ the topic’s discussion

See who is online and offline

You can now see who’s been invited to the board and whether or not they’re online

Facilitator control panel

The Facilitator now has a dedicated panel to control the board from, with new functionality like vote resetting and Facilitator swapping