The BIG update is Live!

The BIG update is Live!

The BIG update is Live!

We are delighted to reveal our new and improved Lean Coffee Table! We have been working hard on shaping our tool to give customers what they asked for – enhanced functionality and a sleeker user interface.

The originator of the Lean Coffee Table meeting format, Jim Benson, has given us some great feedback which we have incorporated into the new version.

Completely refreshed user experience, optimised for all devices

Improved menus for site navigation
Cleaner topic card design and ability to add new cards
You can now capture actions and learnings as the session progresses

Other key improvements include:

  • Facilitators can allocate more votes at any time during the session (once the previous 3 have been used up).
  • Simpler merge functionality has been introduced to help combine similar topic cards
  • Actions can also be added by anyone at any time, not just against the topic under discussion
  • The ‘anonymous author’ option is maintained across all columns on the board.
  • The addition of a ‘go with the flow’ option at the end of a timed discussion. This horizontal thumb is for those that don’t have a strong opinion either way.
  • Users can edit and delete their actions or learnings (Editing comments is coming soon)
  • You have a greater choice of timer sounds
    and we’ve changed the default too!

We still have a long backlog of requested features and ideas to improve Lean Coffee, which we will deliver in the coming weeks. Please contact us with any feedback.