Retrospectives and Action Boards

Retrospectives and Action Boards

Retrospectives and Action Boards

Retrospectives & Action Boards now in beta

We are thrilled to introduce the new Retrospective and Action boards. Now you can run retros and store actions from both Lean Coffee Table and Retrospectives in one place. Turn Retrospective output into Action Outcomes and see your team improve!

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Let’s take a look!

A new retro comes with three generic columns. However you don’t need to keep these columns you can rename them and add new ones or delete them if you wish. 


A Retro has 4 stages these are Create Topics, Vote on Topics, Discuss Topics and Review. We’ll be going into more details on these below.

Create Topics

After you have setup the columns you want, this is the first stage of your Retro. Get your team to come up with topics and populate them under the columns they fit under best. If you have similar topics you can merge these together. Want to keep your team on their toes? Set a timer for how long they have to create topics.

Vote on Topics

Now that you have created and merged similiar topics together. Its now time to vote on the topics you wish to discuss. Once again you can set a timer to keep your retro on scheduel.

Discuss Topics

Hitting the Discuss Topics tab at the top of your screen will automatically sort your topics by vote. Click on the Discuss button on the topic you wish to discuss and a dialogue box will appear for everyone to focus on that particular topic.

Set a timer to keep your team on track. Everyone can add Actions, Learnings and comments to the currently being discussed topic.  


Once you have finished discussing your topics you can click on the Review tab. This will list all of the actions and learnings that have been collected during your retrospective. 

Learnings and Actions can be exported as a CSV file. Actions can also be exported to our new Action Boards by simply selecting them and hitting the Export Actions button. If you have already linked an Action to an Action Board this link will appear on the action.

You can select an existing Action Board or you can create a new one.


Action Boards

Action Boards are just as flexible as Retrospective Boards. You can add and remove columns. Manually add actions or export actions to them from a Lean Coffee Table Board or a Retrospective board. Action Boards also enable you to assign actions and will provide a link back to the Retrospective or Lean Coffee Table board they were orginally created on.