Anonymous Topics

by Nov 24, 2022New Features

You’ve asked and we delivered!

Lean Coffee Table now supports Anonymous Topics. It’s been a popular request to create an environment people feel comfortable and confident in contributing to Lean Coffee Table sessions on sensitives subjects.

How is it Anonymous?

When a Lean Coffee Table board is set to Permanently hide the author, any topics created on that board by an attendee will be anonymous. Behind the scenes we generate a random id for the user (also known as a GUID) which is only used on this board. Any topic the user creates then uses this id. When the facilitator ends the Lean Coffee Table session, we then delete any association with the attendees. This means after the session is ended, attendees will then no longer be able to edit topics they had previously created.  

What is Anonymous?

Only topic authors are hidden. Other items such as Actions, Learnings and Comments recorded during the session, will still reveal the user’s chosen name. 

How it works

  1. Setup a new Lean Coffee Table board as you usually would, and scroll down to the section Choose Anonymity Level Of The Topic Author.
  2. Select the option Permanently hide the authors.
  3. Save and Close to begin your session.

Please note:

  1. Only the topic is anonymous comments, actions and learnings will still reveal the authors names. 
  2. Once you have set a board to have anonymous topics this cannot be undone and any new meetings off the same board will continue to be anonymous.