Raise Hand to Speak

Raise Hand to Speak

Raise Hand to Speak

Let me see those hands!

Lean Coffee sessions are often being run for 20 or more people, which can sometimes be difficult to facilitate or to notice when someone would like to say something, especially when video cameras are not enabled. This feature allows attendees to indicate when they would like to speak and enables the facilitator to easily monitor and manage the speaker queue.

Users have begun to use similar functionality in Zoom and Teams and have found it to be a valuable tool to enable everyone to be heard.

How it works

  1. The Facilitator can turn on the ‘Hands up to speak’ functionality.
  2. Users will then see a hand appear above the topic that is currently being discussed.
  3. When a User clicks on the hand, their name is added at the bottom of the speaker queue panel on the right-hand side.
  4. The Facilitator can then select a person from the ‘Speaker queue’ to give the next person the ‘microphone’.
  5. The User can remove themselves from the queue (put down their hand) by clicking on the hand icon again.
  6. The Facilitator can also remove a person from the queue or choose to clear the queue completely.
  7. The queue is cleared automatically when the next topic is moved into the ‘Discussing’ column.  


Raise Hand to Speak

Threaded Comments

Threaded Comments

Threaded Comments

No more cluttered and confusing conversation threads. You can now easily track conversations and reply to specific comments as they happen for increased collaboration and improved feedback.  Adding a threaded comment creates a conversation ‘branch’, which enables clearer, cleaner discussions.

How it works

Click on the ‘reply’ icon within the comments box to respond to a comment. 

Threaded comments can still be edited and deleted by the comment author or the facilitator. When a comment is deleted, you will still be able to read any associated threaded comments, but the ‘parent’ comment will no longer be visible.  

Track and Share

Comment threads will be recorded within the downloadable Meeting Summary .pdf, along with the recorded topics, actions and learnings to share after the meeting.  

Raise Hand to Speak

Hide Author in Lean Coffee Summaries

Hide Author in Lean Coffee Summaries

Hide Author in Lean Coffee Summaries

We have finally got around to one of the most requested fixes. Previously whilst the facilitator could hide the topic author on the board, this anonymity did not continue through to the summary PDF.

Now, when you create the summary at the end of your Lean Coffee meeting, you can choose to make it confidential.

In addition to ensuring votes aren’t influenced by topic authors, this new feature helps create a safe space for conversations, increasing engagement and participation from all attendees.

How it works

When the Facilitator ends a meeting, they will now see the option to ‘Show Topic Authors’ or hide them within the summary PDF.

Still brewing

It is still possible for the facilitator to see who has written the topics, and to reveal this with the ‘Show Authors’ option if they choose to.

We plan to make the board ‘permanently anonymous’ from the moment the board is created. This requires additional work so that the author is not stored in the database. We hope to announce this functionality soon.

Hack my coffee

In the meantime, if anonymity is very important to you, then please use the ‘Guest’ link and ask people to enter a fake name. Whilst this may not be ideal, it will mean that all topics and comments are not traceable to an individual.

Raise Hand to Speak

Release Notes

Release Notes

Release Notes for 1.1.768

25 October, 2021

New Features
  • We have made some updates to the Zoom conference integration allowing users a better experience when using integrated video from the board. Unnecessary buttons have been removed so that the video link is less cluttered and speakers are less distracted as the speaker view no longer appears in a separate window.

Release Notes for 1.1.759

30 September, 2021

New Features
  • Users may reference an attendee on the board by using the @ feature in comments, actions and learnings. Entering ‘@’ followed by the first letter of a name into the text box will present a list of attendees for selection. All attendees invited to the board may be referenced regardless of their online status.
  • Comments added during the discussion can be ‘liked’ by attendees. Each comment now has a clickable heart and the number of likes will be displayed within the comment box and will be captured on the session summary.
Bug fixes
  • The subdomain prefix “www.” is now automatically added to the Lean Coffee Table URL. This has solved the issue of errors during sign in with Microsoft, Slack and Google.

    Release Notes for 1.1.743

    12th February, 2021

    New Features
    • Session summaries can now accommodate languages with characters other than the English Roman alphabet. LCT boards using Cyrillic, Arabic, Greek, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Georgian and Armenian alphabets will now render correctly in the summary.
    Bug fixes
    • The email sent inviting an attendee to a board has been optimised for scenarios where images are blocked in the message.
    • Hyperlinks pasted into topics or comments will display as plain text and not in HTML and the ampersand will render correctly in the Session summary
    • A fix has been implemented to allow facilitators to switch between guest access and a closed access board. 

    Release Notes for 1.1.739

    3rd February, 2021

    New Features
    • When a meeting is ended, facilitators now have the option to create a follow-on meeting which includes the attendees and topics transferred from the completed meeting. All topics or just the undiscussed topics can be transferred to the new board and the previous board is archived for reference. For full details, please refer to https://blog.leancoffeetable.com/url-for-recurring-meetings/
    Bug fixes
    • Zoom links which include a password now work seamlessly with the integrated Zoom conferencing functionality. There is now no need to edit your conference link to remove the password.

    Release Notes for 1.1.730

    14th October, 2020

    Bug fixes
    • Dark mode is now fixed and may be toggled on/off as desired.
    • Code has been amended to prevent stray HTML showing in the Session summary and exported Actions/Learnings.

    Release Notes for 1.1.719

    16th September, 2020

    New Features
    • We have improved the merge topic functionality. Now facilitators can unmerge topic cards or add additional topic cards to an already merged card. Votes from the child cards will be grouped into the merged parent but will remain with the child if unmerged.
    • Links added within the comment field are now parsed and will open in a new tab.
    Bug Fixes
    • Guest will not see the ‘how to’ welcome tour each time they visit a board. It will be shown once and if it is watched or dismissed, will not be shown on subsequent visits.

    Release Notes for 1.1.715

    8th September, 2020

    New Features
    • Topic card votes may now be hidden from all participants to prevent undue influence during the voting phase. The Facilitator can toggle show or hide votes in the Facilitator controls.
    • Facilitators are now warned that switching off ‘Show Topic Author’ is intended to allow participants to vote and discuss topics without being influenced by the identity of the topic author. The feature is not for anonymity – Topic authors will be shown in the session summary.

    Release Notes for 1.1.704

    25th June, 2020

    New Features
    • Topic card comments can now be edited and deleted from within the Discussing column
    • Dark Mode is available for everyone now. It can be accessed from the left menu
    • Dedicated menus to improve the experience for Guests
    • End Meeting button is now always visible to the Facilitator once the meeting has started
    • Link to our Security Policy PDF has been added to the footer
    Bug Fixes
    • SVG assets were not always displaying on Chrome – fixed
    • Adding comments to topics on mobile had stopped working – fixed
    • IntroJS guide has been disabled for mobile
    • Scrollbars were appearing on Firefox when Dark Mode was active – these have been removed

    Release Notes for 1.1.693

    16th June, 2020

    Bug Fixes
    • Removed notification that appeared when trying to edit someone else’s topic card. This has been replaced with clearly defined editable and non-editable fields.
    • End Meeting button Lean Coffee meetings had stopped working
    • Additional text from Add Topic button removed
    • Topic cards going underneath columns when dragged form the Discussed column
    • Additional spacing removed from mobile layouts
    • Topic card author name re-alignment
    • Logo position fixed for iPad

    Release Notes for 1.1.688

    16th June, 2020

    New Features
    • ZOOM performance has been improved with an API update
    • Comments are now visible in the Discussed and To Discuss columns
    • End Meeting button relocated to the top of the Discussed column for better visibility
    • You can now discuss topics for longer with additional time lengths available to select from
    • IntroJS style guides for Lean Coffee meetings, have been added for Facilitators and Attendees
    • The invite attendees popup has been made easier to use
    Bug Fixes
    • Dark Mode colour updates
    • Reduced topic card vertical heights
    • The IntroJS onscreen help guide has had text updates and has also been restyled
    • Facilitators are unable to scroll the control panel on Firefox
    • The radio buttons on the Lean Coffee meeting summary popup had stopped working

    Release Notes for 1.1.668

    9th June, 2020

    New Features
    • Dark Mode option is now available
    Bug Fixes
    • Topic author names have been made darker
    • Vote button not appearing for some people in a particular set of circumstances

    Release Notes for 1.1.665

    8th June, 2020

    New Features
    • Lean Coffee Meeting Summary PDFs now display content clearer
    • IntroJS style guides for Lean Coffee meetings is available for some Users in Beta
    Bug Fixes
    • SignalR occasionally dropping connection for some users
    • Vote button not appearing for some people in a particular set of circumstances
    We still have a long backlog of requested features and ideas to improve Lean Coffee, which we will deliver in the coming weeks. Please contact us with any feedback.
    Raise Hand to Speak

    We all love a ‘like’

    We all love a ‘like’

    We all love a ‘like’ 

    • We are all familiar with ‘likes’. We use them to acknowledge others’ contributions and show our agreement. Well now, you can ‘like’ your colleague’s comments on discussion topics. Each comment field now has a clickable heart. The number of likes will be shown on the board in real time and will be captured on the session summary.

    We are hoping the new feature will increase engagement and participation of attendees, allow facilitators to gauge the popularity of opinions and encourage recognition of the effort and value of someone taking the time to write a comment.

    The likes should be particularly valuable for users who run larger lean coffees. With some LCT sessions attracting more than 100 people, we hope it will enable individuals in large group meetings to become more engaged in the conversation.


    Referencing attendees

    • Now here’s a little shortcut for you – use the @ feature to reference yourself or another user invited to the board.

    This is useful for assigning actions or learnings and saves time typing in names. Entering ‘@’ followed by the first letter of a name into the text box will present a list of names to choose from. Any attendees invited to the board can appear in the list.


    Raise Hand to Speak

    Keep the same URL for recurring meetings

    Keep the same URL for recurring meetings

    You can now keep the same URL for recurring meetings.

    Many teams use Lean Coffee Table for their weekly team meetings.

    Before this change you needed to create a new board for each meeting and then send out the new URL. Alternatively you could reuse the same board for meetings, however this could get quite cluttered.

    The solution we have come up with is to keep the same URL for the next meeting in the series whilst ‘archiving’ the earlier meetings in a series. 

    Creating a follow-on meeting in a series of recurring meetings

    The ‘Create session summary’ and ‘Setup up a follow-on meeting’ have been merged into one pop-up screen where you can:

    1 – Decide if you want a .pdf to be created of the session that is just ending

    2 – Select whether you want a follow-on meeting to be created and the current meeting archived.

    You then have the option of copying forward to the new meeting:
    a – All topics on the board.  You might want to do this if you have standard topics for every meeting
    b – Just the topics that you did not get to discuss in the current meeting
    — If you select neither option then the new meeting will be setup with no topics

    c – The attendees of the current meeting. This would only apply to people that had been invited by email and have an account. Any guests will be able to join the next meeting using the same Guest URL they would have used for previous meetings in the series.

    You can see earlier meetings in the series through this link in your meetings view

    Click on the ‘View all meetings’ link to see the list of all the other meetings in the series, where you can see the Title of the meeting and the date