Hide Author in Lean Coffee Summaries

by Mar 25, 2022New Features

Hide Author in Lean Coffee Summaries

We have finally got around to one of the most requested fixes. Previously whilst the facilitator could hide the topic author on the board, this anonymity did not continue through to the summary PDF.

Now, when you create the summary at the end of your Lean Coffee meeting, you can choose to make it confidential.

In addition to ensuring votes aren’t influenced by topic authors, this new feature helps create a safe space for conversations, increasing engagement and participation from all attendees.

How it works

When the Facilitator ends a meeting, they will now see the option to ‘Show Topic Authors’ or hide them within the summary PDF.

Still brewing

It is still possible for the facilitator to see who has written the topics, and to reveal this with the ‘Show Authors’ option if they choose to.

We plan to make the board ‘permanently anonymous’ from the moment the board is created. This requires additional work so that the author is not stored in the database. We hope to announce this functionality soon.

Hack my coffee

In the meantime, if anonymity is very important to you, then please use the ‘Guest’ link and ask people to enter a fake name. Whilst this may not be ideal, it will mean that all topics and comments are not traceable to an individual.