We all love a ‘like’

by Sep 30, 2021New Features

We all love a ‘like’ 

  • We are all familiar with ‘likes’. We use them to acknowledge others’ contributions and show our agreement. Well now, you can ‘like’ your colleague’s comments on discussion topics. Each comment field now has a clickable heart. The number of likes will be shown on the board in real time and will be captured on the session summary.

We are hoping the new feature will increase engagement and participation of attendees, allow facilitators to gauge the popularity of opinions and encourage recognition of the effort and value of someone taking the time to write a comment.

The likes should be particularly valuable for users who run larger lean coffees. With some LCT sessions attracting more than 100 people, we hope it will enable individuals in large group meetings to become more engaged in the conversation.


Referencing attendees

  • Now here’s a little shortcut for you – use the @ feature to reference yourself or another user invited to the board.

This is useful for assigning actions or learnings and saves time typing in names. Entering ‘@’ followed by the first letter of a name into the text box will present a list of names to choose from. Any attendees invited to the board can appear in the list.