Raise Hand to Speak

by May 23, 2022New Features

Let me see those hands!

Lean Coffee sessions are often being run for 20 or more people, which can sometimes be difficult to facilitate or to notice when someone would like to say something, especially when video cameras are not enabled. This feature allows attendees to indicate when they would like to speak and enables the facilitator to easily monitor and manage the speaker queue.

Users have begun to use similar functionality in Zoom and Teams and have found it to be a valuable tool to enable everyone to be heard.

How it works

  1. The Facilitator can turn on the ‘Hands up to speak’ functionality.
  2. Users will then see a hand appear above the topic that is currently being discussed.
  3. When a User clicks on the hand, their name is added at the bottom of the speaker queue panel on the right-hand side.
  4. The Facilitator can then select a person from the ‘Speaker queue’ to give the next person the ‘microphone’.
  5. The User can remove themselves from the queue (put down their hand) by clicking on the hand icon again.
  6. The Facilitator can also remove a person from the queue or choose to clear the queue completely.
  7. The queue is cleared automatically when the next topic is moved into the ‘Discussing’ column.