Release Notes

by Jun 25, 2020New Features

Release Notes for 1.1.704

25th June, 2020

New Features
  • Topic card comments can now be edited and deleted from within the Discussing column
  • Dark Mode is available for everyone now. It can be accessed from the left menu
  • Dedicated menus to improve the experience for Guests
  • End Meeting button is now always visible to the Facilitator once the meeting has started
  • Link to our Security Policy PDF has been added to the footer

Bug Fixes
  • SVG assets were not always displaying on Chrome – fixed
  • Adding comments to topics on mobile had stopped working – fixed
  • IntroJS guide has been disabled for mobile
  • Scrollbars were appearing on Firefox when Dark Mode was active – these have been removed

Release Notes for 1.1.693

16th June, 2020

Bug Fixes
  • Removed notification that appeared when trying to edit someone else’s topic card. This has been replaced with clearly defined editable and non-editable fields.
  • End Meeting button Lean Coffee meetings had stopped working
  • Additional text from Add Topic button removed
  • Topic cards going underneath columns when dragged form the Discussed column
  • Additional spacing removed from mobile layouts
  • Topic card author name re-alignment
  • Logo position fixed for iPad

Release Notes for 1.1.688

16th June, 2020

New Features
  • ZOOM performance has been improved with an API update
  • Comments are now visible in the Discussed and To Discuss columns
  • End Meeting button relocated to the top of the Discussed column for better visibility
  • You can now discuss topics for longer with additional time lengths available to select from
  • IntroJS style guides for Lean Coffee meetings, have been added for Facilitators and Attendees
  • The invite attendees popup has been made easier to use
Bug Fixes
  • Dark Mode colour updates
  • Reduced topic card vertical heights
  • The IntroJS onscreen help guide has had text updates and has also been restyled
  • Facilitators are unable to scroll the control panel on Firefox
  • The radio buttons on the Lean Coffee meeting summary popup had stopped working

Release Notes for 1.1.668

9th June, 2020

New Features
  • Dark Mode option is now available
Bug Fixes
  • Topic author names have been made darker
  • Vote button not appearing for some people in a particular set of circumstances

Release Notes for 1.1.665

8th June, 2020

New Features
  • Lean Coffee Meeting Summary PDFs now display content clearer
  • IntroJS style guides for Lean Coffee meetings is available for some Users in Beta
Bug Fixes
  • SignalR occasionally dropping connection for some users
  • Vote button not appearing for some people in a particular set of circumstances

We still have a long backlog of requested features and ideas to improve Lean Coffee, which we will deliver in the coming weeks. Please contact us with any feedback.