Keep the same URL for recurring meetings

by Feb 2, 2021New Features

You can now keep the same URL for recurring meetings.

Many teams use Lean Coffee Table for their weekly team meetings.

Before this change you needed to create a new board for each meeting and then send out the new URL. Alternatively you could reuse the same board for meetings, however this could get quite cluttered.

The solution we have come up with is to keep the same URL for the next meeting in the series whilst ‘archiving’ the earlier meetings in a series. 

Creating a follow-on meeting in a series of recurring meetings

The ‘Create session summary’ and ‘Setup up a follow-on meeting’ have been merged into one pop-up screen where you can:

1 – Decide if you want a .pdf to be created of the session that is just ending

2 – Select whether you want a follow-on meeting to be created and the current meeting archived.

You then have the option of copying forward to the new meeting:
a – All topics on the board.  You might want to do this if you have standard topics for every meeting
b – Just the topics that you did not get to discuss in the current meeting
— If you select neither option then the new meeting will be setup with no topics

c – The attendees of the current meeting. This would only apply to people that had been invited by email and have an account. Any guests will be able to join the next meeting using the same Guest URL they would have used for previous meetings in the series.

You can see earlier meetings in the series through this link in your meetings view

Click on the ‘View all meetings’ link to see the list of all the other meetings in the series, where you can see the Title of the meeting and the date